Sustainable Project-Based Learning Explained

There are many reasons why Project-Based Learning is an effective way for students to learn. But teachers and school leaders typically come away with at least one of the following questions:

  1. How do you truly sustain the implementation of project-based learning?
  2. How can we enhance the conversations and time spent during teacher collaboration?
  3. How can we effectively integrate social and emotional learning into the curriculum so that it is not a set aside initiative?

After years of research, study, and conversations with educators around the country, we’ve created a process that answers these common questions.

Our model we call Sustainable Project-Based Learning promotes student academic growth through project-based learning, student growth in skills through social and emotional learning, and deeper conversations during teacher collaboration time through teacher action research. To learn more about Sustainable Project-Based Learning, check out our book at the link below.

Check out our book

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Student academic growth through Project-Based Learning

Student growth in skills through Social & Emotional Learning

Deep conversations about learning through Teacher Action Research

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