Services We Provide

All Perseverance Education facilitators are national or international presenters. Collectively, they have over 50 years of experience leading engaging professional development with a focus on student learning and participant needs.

3-Day Sustainable Project-Based Learning (SPBL) Foundation Workshop

During this 3 day workshop, participants will come away with a completed individual SPBL unit design infused with high impact strategies, that includes a clear assessment plan, and a clear plan for measuring the evidence of student learning through teacher action research. Individual teachers and teacher teams will walk away with an array of protocols, and strategies to enhance learning in their classrooms and also enhance teacher collaboration time.

Participants will leave this workshop with a basic understanding of the 5 steps of the SPBL Process, as well as how social and emotional learning (SEL), PBL, and teacher action research are integrated.

1-Day SPBL Foundation Workshop

This is an abbreviated version of the 3- Day workshop. Although participants will not have time to complete the entire SPBL Process. Participants will leave with basic knowledge and understanding of how social and emotional learning (SEL), PBL, and teacher action research can and should be integrated to enhance learning for all students.

1 or 2 Hour Coaching Sessions (for individuals or teams no larger than 4)

These 1 or 2-hour coaching sessions are customized to fit the needs of any education team. Whether it is a teacher team, a leadership team, an instructional coaching team, multi-tiered systems of support team, or a curriculum development team.


Whether it is for a staff meeting, a district meeting, or a conference, we provide dynamic, research-based, interactive, and engaging keynotes. We customize any topic centered around how your vision for student learning experiences, aligns with ours.